Consultations – what to expect…

Consultations – What to Expect

Working with Julie is about changing your relationship with food and your body at its core, through a supportive counselling environment.


The initial session is an exploration of where you have been with food and your body, and deepening your understanding of this. This is a collaborative process with Julie guiding you, drawing on her 30 years experience for the practical skills, and her training in counselling to help sensitively and intuitively look at what is right for you. This initial session is about an hour long and acts as a stepping stone for the next step. It may or may not involve homework (!) depending on what is right for the client, but will involve some self-reflection at home.


The first review is recommended a fortnight later, with weekly sessions for clients with significant eating disorders. The follow up session is either 25 minutes (for more straightforward issues) or 50 minutes for those with more complex issues.


After this – my experience has been that clients require 5-6 sessions to fully grasp the basics of what needs changing, so fortnightly sessions are helpful, before reviewing everything and deciding what is the best way forward. For some clients this is enough, others then begin to space their appointments out to practice what they have learnt and come for reviews to reflect on progress and get help when they feel stuck.


Every step is a negotiation, there is no ‘one size fits all’, nor are there any short-term meal plans or diets as we know these do not work long term. Instead you will build your own skills, and more importantly trust, in your ability to manage your food and body in this complex world.


So if you are ready – join me, I would love to journey with and support you.



Do I need a referral?
A referral is not required to come and see a Dietitian, however if your issues are complex it is recommended.


What are the fees?
An initial consultation is between $170 and $190, depending on the time required, the complexity of your needs and income levels.
Follow up consultations vary between $80 and $180, depending on income and time required.
Fees are reviewed annually.


Just in case you can’t decide – think about all the money you have spent on dieting over the years, and then think what it would be like to change this forever – are you worth the investment?


Can I get any money back from my Private Health or Medicare?

For a rebate from Private Health Insurance you need to check with your specific fund with regards to eligibility and the amount of refund you would receive.


Medicare can only provide a rebate if you are referred under a Team Care Arrangement from your local GP; not everyone is eligible so check with your own Doctor. The current rebate is $54.60.