Additional Information

Consultations – What to Expect

Consultations are tailored to your individual needs. They involve an initial assessment of your health, food preferences, activity level and relevant lifestyle factors, and are followed up with strategies and support to create long term changes.


Typically 45 minutes to one hour for an initial consultation and half to one hour for follow up sessions depending on your needs.


We also offer Home Visits for eligible clients (criteria apply).


Do I need a referral?
A referral is not required to come and see a Dietitian, however if your issues are complex it is recommended.

What are the fees?
An initial consultation is between $135 and $150, depending on the time required, the complexity of your needs and income levels.
Follow up consultations vary between $80 and $135, depending on income and time required.
Fees are reviewed annually.

Just in case you can’t decide – think about all the money you have spent on dieting over the years, and then think what it would be like to change this forever – are you worth the investment?

Can I get any money back from my Private Health or Medicare?

For a rebate from Private Health Insurance you need to check with your specific fund with regards to eligibility and the amount of refund you would receive.

Medicare can only provide a rebate if you are referred under a Team Care Arrangement from your local GP; not everyone is eligible so check with your own Doctor. The current rebate is $52.95.