Are you ready?

Beginning the journey

Find the ‘more’ in your life by letting go of limiting beliefs around food and your body.

We live in a world that is confused about food and eating, and obsessed with being healthy. We are spending a fortune on trying to find the magical answer to “fix” our bodies – but what if we don’t actually need to “fix” our bodies, including our weight? What we actually need is to re-connect with the wisdom of our body and learn to work with it, not against it, to create whatever our version of health looks like. Years of being told what to do has disconnected us from our own body’s wisdom – however it is possible to find our way back, and learn to balance our knowledge with sensible and sustainable living.

Step 1


Call Julie about your current concerns (book a free 10 minute phone consultation)


Download for free and complete workbooks one and two (see below)- these workbooks look at how to begin gently looking at if this is for you and if it is the right time in your life to begin.


The following workbooks are designed for people looking at changing their relationship to food (and their relationship to their body) and determining if now is the right time to begin.


Some people prefer to begin the process on their own (hence the workbooks), others prefer to discuss this is person.


Either way, looking at both options can help you save energy (most importantly), sanity (equally important), time and last but not least, money in the long term.


Please note: these sheets are not suitable for people with eating disorders as early treatment with a treating team is required as soon as possible (discuss with your GP or go to

First Workbook – Essential Practices Before Beginning


Second Workbook – Are You Ready to Transform Your Eating


These two workbooks can be downloaded by clicking on them.


If any of these workbooks bring up any concerns, speak to an experienced health professional.


Step 2: Finding Support


Go deeper with an online community exploring how to change in this diet-obsessed world.


Check out the 3 month on-line course UNTRAPPED. Created by the best practitioners in Australia, Untrapped offers the opportunity to become part of a growing community of people who want to leave the worries of dieting and weight behind and learn to live freely with food. This course has a life time access (so you can take it as fast or slow as you like) and a huge Facebook community.


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Good luck!